Tuition for Expat Children Singapore

Tuition and Education for Expat Living in Singapore. eduKate Singapore serves Expat families with children in Singapore schools (both local and international schools). Our tutors customises the classes to very specific requirements of each and every expat children. International students gets highly motivated and encouraging tutors, allowing students to understand, master and innovate with their syllabus in a conducive educational environment.

Punggol Tuition Centre Good Tutor for Small Group Pri Sec English Maths Science Qualified Tutors  Primary Secondary P1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 PSLE GCE O level
UWCSEA Tuition for IGCSE and IB course

We understand that expat students require customised classes, acclimatisation to their new schools or even to supplement/maintain their standards of their home country’s education systems during their stints in Singapore. And our tutors are equipped to make sure that your child acquires all the skills and knowledge. Name your requirements, and we shall do our best to serve your child the finest education.

UWCSEA Tuition IGCSE IB Diploma Mathematics Small Group Tuiition International Studetns Singapore
Year 10 IGCSE UWCSEA Tuition for Extended Maths
Punggol Tuition Female Tutor English Math Science Primary Secondary Small Group Tuition
Tutor Yuet Ling preparing for class. Customiing materials for classes to make sure it fits the students.
edukate Singapore Tuition Centre IGCSE Math
IGCSE Math Tuition Class with UWCSEA East Campus Student doing Exponents and Surds
edukate tuition centre tampines5
UWCSEA Student attending IGCSE Math class Year 7 having tuition in eduKate
Kindly call Yuet Ling +65 8222 6327 for more information of our custom classes and set up a schedule with our tutors.



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