Tuition for UWCSEA East Campus F.I.B, GCSE and IB programmes


  • Tuition by UWCSEA East Campus registered tutor.
  • Tuition for GCSE, FIB courses of UWCSEA East Campus
  • Tuition for newly arrived overseas students
  • Tuition for current students attempting the (I)GCSE, FIB and IB Examinations

We provide tuition classes for year 7 to year 12 students attempting the F.I.B, (I)GCSE and IB Programmes provided by the school since the campus started classes in 2011.

eduKate Tutorial Classes for Year 4 Mathematics Topic Fraction
eduKate Tutorial Classes for Year 4 Mathematics Topic Fraction

The tuition is tailored to the specific requirements of international students that attend this college and we are the only tuition centre in Singapore that are aligned to the syllabus requirements of the F.I.B and (I)GCSE examinations. Our tutor knows the methodology of the current classes in the school and teaches topics chronologically similar to the school term schedules.

New overseas students

We provide a unique service of helping overseas/expat community  students. We have a high success rate of helping newly arrived overseas students to acclimatise to the requirements of the college when they first arrive in Singapore.

This is essential for students that starts between school semesters/academic years and might have missed certain topics that will hamper their examinations further down the road. Our tuition provide that opportunity to bridge the gap, builds a stable confidence in these students and gives them a chance to catch up with the rest of the class. This service are always conducted at an accelerated rate to make sure that students acquires their syllabus requirements at the fastest pace possible.

Current UWCSEA Students

Of course, classes for current campus students are purposefully geared to help them master their course syllabus, revise and prepare a successful campaign for their international examinations. A part of our core strengths, we work closely with the students with the aim of completing their syllabus with time to spare for proper revisions, which will have them brimming with confidence to ace their examinations with the proper guidance and advice to make sure they perform at their highest levels throughout their examinations.

General consensus towards our classes amongst students and parents are very positive with many parents giving us the thumbs up and honest testimonials when they receive their children’s glowing report card.

We run our classes in our tuition centre but there are also certain occasions where our tutor Mr Wong meets with boarding students at the Nelson Mandela room at the East Campus Boarding House.

For more information of what we do and class availabilities, contact us at:

  • Mobile: +65 8222 6327
  • email:

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