PSLE Yishun Science Tuition

PSLE Science Tuition Centre Yishun Science Tuition Centre for PSLE Primary 6 Science in Yishun by NIE/MOE/Uni-grad Science Teacher. PSLE Science Tuition for Pri 6 students conducted at Block 664 Yishun Avenue 6 with all PSLE Science learning materials provided and proper teaching from scratch to score distinctions in the PSLE. Following latest SEAB MOE Primary Science syllabus for our Yishun Science tuition, our Science materials and tutorials are designed to help Yishun Science tuition students to understand their foundation and systematically attempt harder advanced question as they gain confidence in their Science work, including open ended questions that can stump Science students and trip up their PSLE Science examinations.

For more information on how we can teach and help you the get an A* distinction in the PSLE Science examinations, call Yuet Ling +65 88231234 for a meeting.

In our PSLE Science tuition centre in Yishun, our PSLE Science tutorials with our experienced uni grad local female tutors with our Principal tutor from NIE/MOE guide our Yishun Science students to develop advanced study skills and enjoy their Science lessons with us. If they like their Science tuition, they will be able to retain their memory better, hence helping them to digest their Science lessons, understand and memorise their work for a less stressful experience.

Enjoy your Science tuition and learn to employ better study skills

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