Secondary Marine Parade English Tuition Centre

Secondary English Tuition at The Sail, Marina Bay for Marina Parade

Marine Parade Tuition Centre Small Group Tuition at The Sail, Marina Bay for English Secondary School Sec 1-4 PSLE with GCE O levels MOE Syllabus lessons.

Marine Parade eduKate Singapore Tuition Centre is dedicated to provide top tutors to teach children of all skill and background levels. Our Marine Parade students intelligence are our top priority and hence, our tutors comes from outstanding institutions to provide the best customised classes for our Marine Parade students.

Our Marine Parade English tutors are highly motivated intelligent educated individuals from a diverse background and ethnicity, with years of experience in guiding childrens’ intellectual growth and stimulating their grey matter to attain solid exam results and also life skills to tackle problems in their future.

We believe that a child’s growth is both nature and nurture.  Our Marine Parade tutors constantly seek the nurturing of eduKate student’s inquisitive nature of questioning everything they learn and fully understand not only their curriculum, but holistically, to understand and achieve a sophisticated understanding of life skills that we marry together with their curriculum.

Marine Parade English MOE Syllabus Tutorials are our general Marine Parade English Tuition where students are trained in all aspects of the Marine Parade Primary Secondary English curriculum included in Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the MOE PSLE Syllabus. Marine Parade Tutors will guide students in Composition, Comprehension and general English topics and knowledge.

Goals of our English tuition are language mastery and preparation for the examinations for GCE O levels at The Sail.

As such, we teach comprehensively to a tee the curriculum laid out by Ministry of Education Singapore for both Marine Parade Primary and Secondary Schools as the foundation and lay upon life skills/holistic approach as an add-on enrichment to our classes. We strive to provide the finest education in Singapore, and our endeavours only mean that our students are ultimately, the sole beneficiaries.

For more information of our Marine Parade English Tuition in our Marina Bay classes, contact Yuet Ling +65 82226327

punggol tuition centre english maths science primary PSLE O level tuition small group
Tutor Yuet Ling in Cambridge University, King’s College, UK.

Here’s a few photos of eduKate Marina Bay.

Punggol English Math Science Tutor Tuition Centre Primary Secondary Pri Sec 1 2 3 4 5 6
Tutors customise classes for students, tailoring to their skill level, pace and studying habits. We factor in their studying character so that all students learn at their optimum level. Calibrating to their needs are part of our tuition expertise.
Punggol English Math Science Tutor Tuition Centre Primary Secondary Pri Sec 1 2 3 4 5 6
Punggol Math tuition small group secondary
PSLE Punggol English Math Science Tutor Tuition Centre Primary Secondary Pri Sec 1 2 3 4 5 6
Our Small Group Tuition Centre means all students get the attention needed to improve and they feel comfortable learning in a close knit safe environment.
Punggol English Math Science Tutor Tuition Centre Primary Secondary Pri Sec 1 2 3 4 5 6
Tutors running through homework and work done by students. We check their work to make sure they do it properly. Intensive Preparatory Tuition classes are hardcore tutorials, highly customised, extreme pace of learning, very small group attendance carefully crafted to eek out every mark of the examinations.Tutors expect extreme performance from students in these classes

punggol sec 1 math tuition

Punggol A Math Tuition Small Group
A Math GCE O level students.
Punggol English Maths Science Small Group Tuition Primary Secondary Small Group
Tutors check constantly on students to make sure they are good at what they do. Small group Maths tuition are perfect for that.
Tampines Punggol tutor english math science small group tuition primary secondary PSLE GCE O level MOE syllabus
Again, students ask each other for help with all the work that is provided. Clearing doubts and understanding work is akin to their future workplace, finishing their job and working as a group is essential skills that will help them to perform when they climb up their career and be successful. Learning what to ask, when to ask for help are life long skills worth practicing from young.

Punggol Tutor for Primary English, Maths Scienceshakespeare-stratford-upon-avon-131Punggol Tuition INTENSIVE GCE O LEVEL MATHEMATICS (E AND ADDITIONAL)PSLE, O-Levels June Holidays Intensive Revision Courses

edukate punggol tuition english math science pale primary o level secondary
PSLE SEAB English 2015 Creative Writing Composition Comprehension Singapore Tutorial Tuition Education
Punggol Tutor English and Mathematics tuition in PSLE
Punggol Tutor at eduKate SG Experience Best Female Tutors in Punggol for Small Group Tuition Primary 1,2,3,4,5,6 PSLE SEAB
punggol tuition english math science small group primary secondary
eduKateSG Primary Science, Mathematics English Tuition Classes Singapore Punggol

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